Updated: Aug 14, 2020

The Cashato Journey began with a means to meet a need to stay home with our youngest daughter who medically struggled and I needed the versatility of a work from home idea. No actual prior interest or any hands on experience before stepping foot in The North Island College Metalsmithing program introduction.

Just a "Hey go check it out" from my Husband and my Mother. Well first thing was a "Heck No" when I found out it was an indepth program working with all sorts of SCARY Equipment and tool. "NOPE" NOPE NOPE...LOL

Well with some deep conversations and much confidence boosting from my family & friends I applied and got accepted. OMG what a crazy time it was.

I was met with Amazing instructors and a fantastic group of artists from beginners and experienced smiths. As a group I couldn't have asked or dreamed for better support, sharing of knowledge, and long time friendships. The Best Beginning a budding Artist and Metalsmith could ask for.

#cashatodesigns #iamnic